1 Day Hikes - Gerês

Choose a healthier way to explore nature and walk through it! Over millenniums, granitic rocks have been sculpted giving origin to astonishing waterfalls, caves and huge crevices, which makes of Gerês one of the most magical places to visit in Portugal. Hiking will allow you to dive into Gerês’ biodiversity and ancient history, increasing your chances to spot our protected wildlife.  Discover nature, history and culture of an unique Biosphere Reserve. Duration: 6 to 7 hours.

Archery @ Gerês

Focus on the target and forget everything else! Test your precision skills and enjoy this moment to relieve some stress without great physical effort. Archery is an activity that demands calm, concentration and serenity. Using a bow and multiple arrows, hit the target to score as many points as possible.

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If you don’t like to climb up – go down! The activity will proceed according to the experience of the participants, using natural granitic rock walls with different difficulty levels. Since this is a modality where obstacles must be surpassed, we put at your disposal the most modern equipment and specialized monitors to ensure safety at all times. Challenge your limits.   


Go wild and feel Gerês’ fresh air in a high speed descent! The zip-line was designed to enable the participant to slide through an inclined cable by the use of gravity, boosting a sense of adrenaline. From the top to the bottom, a freely moving pulley will take you on a fun ride, with a beautiful scenery on the background. At your disposal is the most modern equipment and our specialized monitors to ensure safety at all times.