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Rafting is an activity that involves descending rapid rivers in self-sealing inflatable boats. In this activity, the river is in charge - crossing rapids, eddies and waves in an inflatable boat is the main objective of this activity.

The rafting we provide of medium/low difficulty consists of descending the Minho River from the Melgaço area, in a pneumatic boat (raft) accompanied by a certified guide, overcoming all the rapids that the river offers.

The groups of participants are led by a person responsible for guiding the group throughout the route. To go down the river and overcome its obstacles it is necessary to put into practice team spirit and understand that rhythm, unity, sense of leadership, sensory perception and even solidarity count a lot for the raft to progress.

Value: 40€/PAX
Minimum 6 participants to book.
Minimum age for children: 8 years old

Additional Information

Activity Start Location
Centro de estágios de Melgaço - 4960-320 Melgaço
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  • Equipment included
  • Guided
  • Transfer (optional)
  • Minho River


  1. Melgaço