Draft horse training

Draft horse training at Peneda-Gerês National Park. Certified professionals. Contact us for more information.  

Equine Therapy - Hippotherapy

Why the horse?   Horseback riding produces about 60 to 75 three-dimensional movements per minute that are equivalent to those of neurophysiologically normal human gait. The physiognomy of its back provides a correct sitting position, which in turn gives the Central Nervous System a great contribution of sensorial stimuli. This activity together with the surrounding environment make the horse a facilitating agent capable of: Change the Central Nervous System response, facilitating more standardized posture and movement patterns. To promote fundamental experiences for the development of Motor, Cognitive, Communicative and Psychosocial competences.

Horseback riding classes

Our Equestrian Center is licensed by the Portuguese Equestrian Federation as a Riding School. The riding lessons are personalized, tailored to the age and experience of each student. These are structured following the progression levels of the "Official Program of Training of Practitioners" of the Portuguese Equestrian Federation, staggered in 9 degrees called "saddles". In addition to the leisure component, we also form riders, in the sports slopes of Driving, Teaching, Obstacles and TREC, from the initiation to the competition in the federated championships.