From the 16th to 23rd of May - Walking Trails in Gerês

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- 16th to 23rd of May - 8D / 7N-

Gerês Holidays proposes an unforgettable 8-day adventure in the unique and extraordinary Peneda-Gerês National Park.
We will explore places with a historical-cultural storyline marked by their traditions.
Oak forests and streams inserted in a mountain landscape of singular beauty ... simply breathtaking!


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Meeting Point
Gerês Equi'Desafios
Rua S. João, 93
4840-030 - Campo do Gerês
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DAY 1: Check-in
Accommodation in a 4* Hotel

DAY 2: Journey - Moinhos Trail 14km (circular)
After breakfast, transfer from the accommodation to the starting point.
The purpose of this trail is to cross the structures that are part of the bread cycle: watermills, granaries, sequeiras and threshing-floors, corn and rye terraces and the traditional irrigation system. The oak forests and the streams, carved in a mountainous and country landscape, grants to this trail a rural value of excellence.
Transfer to the accommodation - 4* Hotel.

DAY 3: Journey - Calcedónia Trail 11,5 Km (circular)
After breakfast, transfer from the accommodation to the starting point.
This trail takes place in the parishes of Covide and Campo do Gerês, which represent an important cultural history, thanks to its community traditions and archaeological sites. This circular trail will reach the mythical archaeological site named “Fraga da Cidade”, which some old scholars have immortalized it with the name of Calcedónia.
Transfer to accommodation - 4* Hotel.

DAY 4: Journey - Pé de Cabril Trail 9 Km (linear)
After breakfast, transfer from the accommodation to the starting point. 
This trail starts in the ancient Forest Ranger’s House of Junceda, at the heart of Gerês. Pé de Cabril it`s a mountain top in Gerês, in the county of Terras do Bouro. This peak is one of the most visible and easily recognized by whoever observes Gerês’ mountain by far.
Transfer to accommodation - 4* Hotel.

DAY 5: Teixeira Valley / Arado Waterfall – Serra do Gerês trail – 8 km journey - Difficulty level: Medium - 5 h
After breakfast, transfer from the accommodation to the starting point.
The Teixeira valley trail takes place in Serra do Gerês, along a path with corrals and fantastic landscapes. It starts in a forest path near Pedra Bela, which is connected to an old foot trail that guides us through the hearth of the mountain until we reach the superb Teixeira Valley and then descend to the iconic Arado waterfall, our ending point.
Transfer to accommodation - 4* Hotel.

DAY 6: Journey - Geira Trail 20 Km (Linear)
After breakfast, transfer from the accommodation to the starting point.
The Geira trail follows the Roman road that used to connect Braga to Astorga and it was measured in Roman miles. An amazing engineering accomplishment built two thousand years ago, that still follows the traces through the same level curve, which makes it easier for the traveller. In lots of sections, the oak trees, the mosses and the paving slabs create a scenery of excellence. 
Transfer to accommodations - 4* Hotel.

DAY 7: Journey - Albergaria trail 11Km (Linear)
After breakfast, transfer from the accommodations to start the journey.
The Mata de Albergaria is one of the most important forests of the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Constituted predominantly by secular oak trees, includes characteristic species of the fauna and flora of Gerês. It has also a section of the Roman road - Geira - with the ruins of its bridges and a significant set of milestones.
Transfer to accommodations: 4* Hotel.

DAY 8: Check-out


  • Peneda-Gerês National Park
  • Traditional windmills
  • Calcedónia mount
  • Pé de Cabril Peak  
  • Roman road
  • Mata da Albergaria
  • Visit to the Park Gate: Campo do Gerês


  1. Campo do Gerês