Adventure Camp @ Gerês

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From EUR 13

Rope bridges and Mini Slide.

Venture yourself into heights overcoming rope bridges with several difficulty levels.

Undertake all your flexibility, skills, focus, dexterity and agility in a circuit of 20 bridges designed to exceed your limits.

Since this is a modality where obstacles must be surpassed, we put at your disposal the most modern equipment and specialized monitors to ensure safety at all times. At the end of the challenge there’s a slide of 30m.  

Minimum 2 participants.

Additional Information

Meeting Point
Gerês Equidesafios Rua S. João, 93 4840-030 Campo do Gerês Portugal

From EUR 13

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  • 20 Rope bridges
  • 30m Slide
  • Equipment
  • Monitor


  1. Campo do Gerês (PT)